Archives of Endocrinology and Metabolism
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Volume 63 - Issue 6 - December 2019
Special Issue: Growth, Growth hormone and related disorders


Closing 2019 with a golden key - Marcello D. Bronstein
What’s in a name? What we call growth hormone is much more than just a growth-related peptide - Cesar Luiz Boguszewski, Margaret Cristina da Silva Boguszewski


Effects of growth hormone in the central nervous system - Frederick Wasinski, Renata Frazão, Jose Donato Jr.
New insights of growth hormone (GH) actions from tissue-specific GH receptor knockouts in mice - Edward O. List, Darlene E. Berryman, Elizabeth A. Jensen, Prateek Kulkarni, Savannah McKenna, John J. Kopchick
Growth hormone in the tumor microenvironment - Vera Chesnokova, Shlomo Melmed
The promise of growth hormone in sport: doped or duped - Ken K. Y. Ho
Insulin signaling in the whole spectrum of GH deficiency - Heraldo Mendes Garmes, Alejandro Rosell Castillo
Personalized approach to growth hormone replacement in adults - Christa C. van Bunderen, Camilla Glad, Gudmundur Johannsson, Daniel S. Olsson
Perspectives on long-acting growth hormone therapy in children and adults - Rayhan A. Lal, Andrew R. Hoffman
Update on new GH-IGF axis genetic defects - Gabriela A. Vasques, Nathalia L. M. Andrade, Fernanda A. Correa, Alexander A. L. Jorge
Laboratory investigations in the diagnosis and follow-up of GH-related disorders - Katharina Schilbach, Martin Bidlingmaier
Determinants of morbidities and mortality in acromegaly - Leandro Kasuki, Paula da Silva Rocha, Elisa Baranski Lamback, Mônica Roberto Gadelha
Acromegaly in the elderly patient - Raquel S. Jallad, Marcello D. Bronstein
The position of combined medical treatment in acromegaly - Eva C. Coopmans, Sebastiaan W. F. van Meyel, Aart J. van der Lely, Sebastian J. C. M. M. Neggers
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