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  • Intermittent fasting for obesity and related disorders: unveiling myths, facts, and presumptions
    Bruno Halpern, Thiago Bosco Mendes
  • COVID-19 and obesity: the meeting of two pandemics
    Simone Cristina Soares Brandão, Emmanuelle Tenório Albuquerque Madruga Godoi, Lúcia Helena de Oliveira Cordeiro, Camila Silva Bezerra, Júlia de Oliveira Xavier Ramos, Gustavo Freitas Alves de Arruda, Esdras Marques Lins
  • Effect of free fatty acids on insulin secretion, insulin sensitivity and incretin effect – a narrative review
    Valeria Bahdur Chueire, Elza Muscelli
  • A practical contemporary approach to decision-making on subclinical hypothyroidism
    José Augusto Sgarbi, Laura Sterian Ward

Original Articles

  • Is there a place for measuring serum calcitonin prior to thyroidectomy in patients with a non-diagnostic thyroid nodule biopsy?
    Diego Henrique Andrade de Oliveira, Luiz Pierre Huning, Mariana Comiran Belim, Patrick Fontes Rodrigues, Hildebrando Massahiro Nagai, Hans Graf
  • Effectiveness of triple therapy with dapagliflozin add-on to dual therapy over 52 weeks in patients with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes mellitus in a centre of high complexity, Cali-Colombia
    Vanessa Bedoya Joaqui, Nathalia Buitrago Gómez, Reinaldo Carvajal Ortiz, Luis Miguel Osorio Toro, Jenny Patricia Muñoz Lombo, Carlos Alberto Salgado Cifuentes, Mónica Andrea Morales García, Alín Abreu Lomba
  • ADAMTS proteoglycanases downregulation with impaired oocyte quality in PCOS
    Sepide Gohari taban, Iraj Amiri, Massoud Saidijam, Sara Soleimani asl, Mahnaz Yavangi, Elham Khanlarzadeh, Nooshin Mohammadpour, Tayebe Artimani
  • Development and validation of an instrument (CSII – Brazil) to assess users’ conceptual and procedural knowledge of continuous subcutaneous infusion systems
    Camilla Magalhães de Oliveira Amaral, Carla Ferraz de Oliveira Borges, Adriana Silvina Pagano, Aleida Nazareth Soares, Gabriela Franco Mourão, Janice Sepúlveda Reis
  • Gestational diabetes and overt diabetes first diagnosed in pregnancy: characteristics, therapeutic approach and perinatal outcomes in a public healthcare referral center in Brazil
    Yanara Sampaio, Lara Benigno Porto, Thais Cabral Gomes Lauand, Larissa Pereira Marcon, Hermelinda Cordeiro Pedrosa
  • Evaluating the reliability and readability of online information on osteoporosis
    Ozan Volkan Yurdakul, Mehmet Serkan Kilicoglu, Fatih Bagcier
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